Ruth Yole is a Kenyan designer brand providing a variety of tastefully designed and carefully crafted products and services. Officially established in 2017, Ruth Yole, was initially, ‘Riptamai’ and changed to its current name in 2018.

As a brand we tailor-make our products to suit individual tastes and preferences i.e. colour, taste, texture etc. Our products include: clothing- both for men and women, accessories; belts and hair accessories, jewelry and bags, cakes and food. We also have a cooking show on you tube, ‘This is Ruth Yole,’ featuring fun, creative and easy to make recipes.

Ruth Yole was interviewed by Homeboyz Radio on her career as a baker in 2017 and by Multimedia Radio Station in 2018 on her career as a fashion designer and cooking show host. She has also been interviewed privately by other individuals as well.

As we value each and every client, we give personalized consultations so as to fully understand the clients’ needs and preferences. It’s always a joy serving our clients!

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